Feasibility Studies

It is crucial to perform a feasibility studies during the early stage of any project such as launching a new product, entering new markets, or venturing into a new business.  It allows organizations to assess technical, economical, operational, and market viability before committing capital and resources. We can also conduct a comprehensive industry, customer, and competitor analysis in order to determine market opportunities for a project or business venture. Boniche Consulting can help you perform independent feasibility studies, which can enhance project credibility.

Business Plan Writing

We can help you incorporate the business strategy into a professionally structured business plan. We ensure that all business plan components such as the marketing plan, operations plan, and expected financial results are aligned to strategic objectives. We will also customize your business plan so that it meets specific requirements from lenders, investors, strategic partners, or special projects.

Business Plan Consulting

We can review an existing business plan and will edit it for content, grammar, and usage. Furthermore, we can coach you throughout the business plan development process to ensure that your strategic business plan contain all the critical components and is professionally written.