Corporate and Business Strategy

We can help you formulate and execute a sustainable strategy in order to achieve a competitive advantage. Boniche Consulting will develop a strategy by performing external and internal analysis.  The external analysis includes competitor dynamics, industry analysis, and industry evolution.  Internal analysis involves studying strategy at the business and corporate level.  As part of business level strategy, we can help you position your organization competitively in the marketplace, and build and sustain a competitive advantage. Under corporate level strategy, we will study vertical integration and diversification options.

Marketing Strategy

We understand that value is created by meeting customers needs.  Therefore, we help you create, capture, and sustain customer value by developing a sustainable marketing strategy. We do this by performing a marketing analysis of the Customers, Company, Competitors, Collaborators, and Context (5 C's).  We create value by segmenting the market, selecting the target market, and by positioning the product or service.  We capture value by creating the marketing mix (4 P's) by identifying the Product/Service, Place/Channels, Promotion, and Pricing. Once executed, a marketing strategy focused on the customer will help sustain value by acquiring and retaining customers resulting in profits.

Strategy Implementation

A strategy is only good after it is being implemented.  Therefore, we can help you execute your strategy by helping you manage human assets, develop incentive and control systems, define organizational structure, and lead strategic change.